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[Tidbits] Cernunnos

From out of the distant past comes the thundering hoof beats of the
great. of the great. what… you thought I was going to say of the
great horse Silver? Bah. Try Cernunnos. How many of you even remember
who the great horse Silver was anyway?

I have a game for you. A wee bit of a test. A rebus if you will. A
puzzle. an enigma. a poser. a stumper. But first: A good-faced man is
an honest man. A two-faced man is a liar. And a three-faced man.
well, he’s tricephalic. You’ve heard of someone having eyes in the
back of his head. Well… Cernunnos has a set of eyes in front and in
the left and right part of the back of his head. That’s six eyes
folks. He also has three noses and six ears and three mouths and
roughly ninety-six teeth. And he sees everything. Hears and smells
everything too. Quite a talented chap if you think about it.

Cernunnos is identified as a deity of nature and fertility. His name
is a theonym derived from the Celtic word for horn. Re: Cernunnos. He
is called-quaintly enough–“The Horned One”. I ask you. is there no
end to coincidences? But. but but but … this is jewelry Benjamin.
How does this relate to jewelry? Pray tell. what kind of machinations
are you subjecting us to Benjamin? Reveal your secret to us Benjamin.
Enlighten us Benjamin. Do not keep us in suspense Benjamin.

Yes. Well. Quite legitimate questions you know. So. Here’s how it
worked. I looked up the chap named Cernunnos and found no image I
liked. However. I did find a plaque with his image on it. It was made
of stone. and I colorized it. and placed a chain behind it. and gave
Cernunnos emerald eyes… and the bull and serpent ruby eyes. and the
stag a sapphire eye … and presto. I made a piece of jewelry out of
stone. Which of course begs the question. hey Benjamin. are you an
alchemist. can you really turn stone into gold? Heh heh. Of course.
the answer is yes. When the time is ripe. you will see for

In forms of Neopaganism Cernunnos was a revered Horned God.
aggressive and powerful. filled with vigor and fecundity. Which meant
he could do it a lot and have tons of offspring. He befriended the
animals of the land. He is presently shown with a torc in his right
hand and a serpent in his left. And now. for the puzzler-du-jour for
you folks. I placed the letter “B” in the pendant. And I made it
pretty easy to find. So here’s the thing of it. Find the B and I will
change the stone of your choice into gold as soon as I have a free
moment. This may take a while as I’m a busy dude. but for you with
patience. you may one day end up with a gold boulder in your back
yard. If you find the “B” that is. So go for it. Let me know where it
is. And I will send my elves out to do their thing. So be patient.
Your turn will surely come. Ready? Set…

And to view. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. The old
wizard. Click.

Hi Ben,

You mean other than the “B” you photoshopped onto the bull’s
forehead? Right between the eyes.

I may have a rock or two worth changeling.


The only B I can see is one made by his legs. The lower portion of
his right leg forming the back of the capitol letter B. Maybe I
should bone up on by B’s.

Age the old

the B is on the ox? head, Benjamin. And the piece is lovely.


Hi Benjamin , yeah on the bull’s head ! Robin

I found the B! On the bull’s forehead. I’ll be happy with a 10 pound
rock turned into gold, thank you. :wink:

Vicki K, SoCal SoAriz at the moment

Awesome piece, Benjamin. And the B - right on the ox’s forehead,
obvious once viewed, more difficult to find initially than you would
think. Gorgeous - thanks for the puzzle!

Sam Kaffine
Sterling Bliss, llc