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[TIDBITS] By the Light of a Gemstone

By the Light of a Gemstone

It is an ancient time. Yet the records are quite clear, which
speaks strongly of man’s propensity for record keeping.

The ship is about a 450 footer. It is about 75 feet wide and
about 45 feet high. It is a huge vessel. It seems to float alone
in a vast sea. It is of solid construction and can withstand any
storm. Still, the weather does not allow for sunlight. The rain
seems as though it will never end. There is no electricity. The
passengers are unhappy, though patient. Soon the storm will end
and the skies will clear. And then they will once more have
natural light.

But in the meantime…there is the question of lighting the
ship. How…with no electricity? History tells that the storm
would rain for about 960 straight hours. There was not enough of
a supply of candles and matches to last all those long hours.
Who knows, in retrospect, if there were any candles left on the
ship at all, or if anyone had the foresight to store candles at
all. And yet…there was light on the ship.

So…the question is…what technology was available at the time
that would permit light to eradicate the darkness of those stormy
hours. What technology was there that could light a ship without
electricity, or, may I add, without the use of fire? And what has
this to do with jewelry, or gold, or

Ahh…my friends it as everything to do with the former. Or
rather, with part of the former. For the ship, as history tells
it, was lit by a gemstone nestled high in the rafters of the
great ship. It was so luminous, and so bright, this gemstone was,
that the passengers could not distinguish day from night. Alas
my friends, I know not the name of the gemstone. And I plead to
you, my readers, that if any of you know the name of this
gemstone, to please pass it on to me, for I could use it in the
construction of wondrous works of art.

As to the great ship and it’s captain…you all know it. It was
made of Gopher Wood, and it housed two of every species known to
man. And its captain’s name was Noah…and his was the famous ark
that survived the great flood.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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