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[TIDBITS] - Bracelets...It's really a Man Thing

Thanks to a friend named Judith who gave me most of the info in
the first paragraph that led me down this path.

Bracelets…It’s really a Man Thing.

For all you dainty lasses who wear these pretty gold and silver
circlets around your wrists and who think…hmmm…look what we
women invented…think again. Cuz…the way the info was sent to
me is like this: It started back in Grecian times, when the bold,
brave and mighty soldiers of the land wore protective bands of
leather–often decorated with neat gold and silver stuff–on
their forearms, and called these bands “Bracels”. (From the Latin
Brachium …meaning: Arm) When women caught on that these Bracels
would look great on them, perhaps even better than they did on
the soldiers, they started wearing smaller versions, called
little Bracels…or “Bracel-ets”. And from that point on folks,
bracelets become a Woman Thing.

Well…that above might be in some dispute by some
because there are records of bracelets being worn by Sumerians
back around circa 2500 BC. Samples were found in the royal tombs
at Ur. In those days, when Kingy died…he wasn’t buried alone.
Nay nay sweet hearts. With him went his servants and his guards
and his musicians, and a ton of his jewelry…including

Shooting forward to circa 2000 BC and Ancient Egypt…bracelets
emerged as a major piece of jewelry and were worn by, among
other people, Princess Sit-Hathor-Yunet. She was a great jewelry
buff and had her jewelers make things for her hair and her head
and her fingers and her ears. Rumors have come back to me that
there was once a factory there called Tyler-Adamut. I can’t
verify this…but I’ve heard that my ancestors were a nomadic
bunch and could be found all over the place. I’ve inherited the
Jewelry Gene from these ancestors of mine, affectionately called
JG in my family, and that’s why I make such nice stuff. Heritage
folks…though modesty forbids me from truly bragging.

Anyone out there old enough to remember when Vesuvius erupted in
79 AD? No? Well…you know what they found in Pompeii, don’t
you? Yup…you got it folks. Bracelets. And more Bracelets. And
more Bracelets again. Most of it made by that great Roman
Jeweler, Tyleria Adamia.

Ah…we’re back to the Man Thing. It’s the 10th Century. The
Battle of Maldon. The Vikings…a truly heroic group if there
ever was one. They demanded…demanded, I say, arm rings as
tribute from the vanquished. And I’ll tell you all something
right now. If it’s good enough for a Viking…it’s good enough
for me. Did I ever tell you about my great great great
grandfather Tyleridahl Adamfjordhab. A truly talented jeweler.
Crafted a mean golden hammer for some pretty famous folks. Some
said he copied his hammer from Thor’s…but I heard Tyleridahl
was an innovator.

The history of bracelets stretches forward through the Middle
Ages of medieval Europe through the Baroque period of the 18th
century, and on right through to the present. And though it is
usually thought of as a Woman Thing to wear, let us not forget
the great warriors of the past, who had their mighty biceps,
bulging with power, wrapped in gold.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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Dear Benjamin:

Men also were the first to wear high heels too…and in some
cultures they wear makeup and not women (certain African tribes)
So really men created “drag” and most of us girls jumped on the
bandwagon much later!!!


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