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[Tidbits] Birth of the Sun Amulet

Well. first things first and all that. I’m extrapolating of course.
but I somewhat suspect that this world is divided into two main
planes of thinking. both of which have diametrically opposed views as
regards from whence the sun emanates. There is the biblical view. and
there is the Big Bang theory. And they are of course. both wrong. and
I have the gold amulet to prove it.

However. first things first. Perhaps I should have entitled
archaeological artifact with some beads dating back 100,000 years? So
next time somebody snorts at you and mutters nouveau riche under
their breath you can snort right back with your own choice retort. As
to the continent with the most influential bent as regards jewelry
design. yup… you got it. Asia!

The common bond however. is status. Yo. Dude. My jewels are bigger
than yours. Please keep in mind that we’re still within the confines
of our industry here. Jewelry has been made to adorn every part of
the body. If you can think it. they make it for that. No exceptions.
Jewelry of all kinds has been marketed to both genders all over the
world. Except for one exception. And this regards men. When it came
to men. they got them to wear watches and rings and chains and belt
buckles. much of which was–at least in our culture–the domain of
women. Where they tried and failed was with the engagement ring.
They–whoever “they” are–had the idea that it would be the coup of
the century if they could get our world to accept the notion of women
giving their men an engagement ring too. Hya Chet. Oh my that is
quite a pretty engagement ring. Stunning. How big did you say. A
carat and a half, you say? Yeah. Pity of it is I have to take it off
when I play baseball. Don’t want to get it dirty. My girlfriend would
get so angry she would just spit. Alas. the fad did not take off.
Wonder why.

So now the question begs to be answered. how does one indeed give
birth to a sun. Easy peasy my friends. Here’s what you do. First I
would advise that all the materials you use have some magical
properties to them. This never hurts. Now then. Get some gold. Some
coral perhaps. A few bits of holy lapis scarabs. Some carnelian. A
cauldron wouldn’t hurt here. Pour the whole thing in and stir
mightily. Ensure you have ready-at-hand some molds within which to
pour the molten mish-mash. and–I strongly suspect–utter a few
magical words. and then voila! You have the formula ensconced within
the intricacies of your just created amulet.

Yes. You have designed a Birth of the Sun amulet. Oh what a
magnificent piece it is that you have just designed. Perhaps you
would like me to show it to the world. Yes? No? Of course I will. But
it would be wrong of me to give you the credit. Perhaps I should have
the credit for showing you how to do it. Nah. We don’t want to brag,
now do we? So. let’s give the credit to Tut himself. He lived in an
era when Ancient Egypt strived for the attainment of luxury items of
the first caliber. It symbolized both regal and religious power. Not
only was it worn by the wealthy in life. but it was also worn in
death. Wow. That’s conspicuous consumption of the highest level. How
many of you would bury a loved one who you cherished above all things
with a quarter of a million dollars of bejeweled doo-dads. No answer
required here folks. The question is rhetorical.

So. Would you all like to see the product of your efforts which we
are attributing to Tut for nothing more than the sake of modesty?

Okay. You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see a Birth of the
Sun amulet dating back to the times of that child pharaoh named Tut.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark