[Tidbits] Bear Fetish Necklace

It would appear that last week when writing about a Bird Fetish
Necklace I neglected to mention there were bears there too. It
stretches the limits of the imagination to believe I would do such a
thing. I am still trying to come to grips over this slight… oh so
slight… yet quite painful… omission. However… in order to make
amends to those sharp-eyed amongst you who noticed this oh so slight
omission… I bring you a Bear Fetish Necklace. I defy you of the
keen vision to find a bird amongst them bears.

So then… why a Bear Necklace you might ask. Well… for one thing
… it is a well known fact–not recognized by our rather uneducated
medical community–that bear grease cures baldness. So here’s the
conundrum… how does one go about getting bear grease? I have the
answer dear souls… an answer that descends from an American Ozarks
tradition. First of course… one has to find the bear… and then
one has to kill it… then lug it home… eat the meat… and rub on
the bear grease. Anyone out there ever try to lug home bear? Not
easy… I am here to tell you. But the Ozarkians had the answer.
Shoot the little devil… but don’t kill him. You will enrage him.
Bears tend to object to being wounded. He will become very angry with
you. This is what you want. He will begin to chase after you… and
if you’re fast enough (this is a crucial element)… if you’re fast
enough… he will chase you all the way home… at which point you
can turn around and shoot him dead. See? No lugging! That’s how they
did it in the Ozarks.

In Southern France there once was an annual spring celebration. Some
chap would dress up as a bear… emerge from a virtual cave…
frighten the townsfolk… and perform a mock abduction on some
unsuspecting maiden who surely swooned from the vapors. I have no
clue what the vapors are … so don’t ask. All I know is women
sometimes got them.

Of course… the bear’s greatest asset is that it is a curer of the
highest caliber who is also possessed of supernatural powers. In the
mythology of the Sioux and the Chippewa and the Pueblos the bear is
often depicted as a healer. Some Indian tribes would apologize to a
bear they had killed.

By the way… and I’m not advocating this… but there are some out
there who believe that a woman and a bear can unite to have a divine
infant. I just hope that in the process of creating a divine infant
they are also having a divine old time.

There’s so much more to tell about bears… but I say always leave
'em wanting more.

That all said… I have a Bear Fetish Necklace to show you made of
Epidot and Adventurine and Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye and Rhodenite
and Agate and Goldstone and who know what other stones.

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multi-stone Bear Fetish Necklace.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark