[Tidbits] A Horse is a Horse is a Horse of course

A Horse is a Horse is a Horse of course …

So wait … listen … before I get into this seated nephrite jade
horse which happens to be quite attractive and about which I have
very little info other than the fact that it’s a seated nephrite jade
horse … I have a question. Remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto?
What does Tonto mean in Spanish? Go … look it up. Talk about the
days of politically incorrect. Sheesh!

Hey. You ever hear of a horse that can do math? There’s
documentation on this folks. Before I get into this seated nephrite
jade horse about which I have scant other than the fact
that it’s worth about 4000 Pounds Sterling … let me tell you about
a math wizard of a horse named Muhamed. One could place a sack over
Muhamed’s head in order to ensure he was getting no signals from his
master who would pose a problem … and Muhamed would mentally
extract cube roots … and tap the answer out with his feet. Example
… if the answer to a problem was 43 … Muhamed would tap out 4
with his left foot and 3 with his right. Skeptics would come with
mean little grins on their pinched faces … ready to prove trickery
… but instead they invariably walked away amazed.

I could … at this point … segu=E9 into the mythological aspects of
horses … or I could continue with bits and pieces of information
about other horse geniuses. Of course … in a democratic sense …
I could call for a vote … or I could take a despotic position and
decide what you’d like to know without asking for your opinion. Ahh
… but democracy reigns. Put your ballots into that Instant Ballot
Computing Machine – no Chads please. Now we wait for the IBCM to
do it’s work … and … voil=E0 … majority reigns … more horse
genius stuff.

Did I mention our nephrite jade horse … which is 34.0 cm. high and
47.0 cm. wide is looking over his right shoulder with an intensity
in his eye paralleled only by the intense gaze of a raptor set to
focus on his next meal? Muhamed resided in a stable in Elberfield,
Germany … as did Berto–a blind stallion–who was taught to do
arithmetic. There were those skeptics at the time who announced that
they were sure Berto was getting visual signals from his trainer.
The response was: Hey … dummy-head … how does one give visual
signals to a blind horse? The skeptics were unimpressed .and they
persisted in their efforts to expose a hoax. Skeptics are dolts.

Nephrite jade … on the other hand … sometimes has a translucent
quality to it that is clearly reflected in our equine as he glistens
under the hot, glaring lights of the photographers studio. Should
some of you wonder how I know it’s a male … don’t ask … and I
won’t tell. Kluge Hans and Zarif were other horses at that stable.
Between the four animals … not only could they do mathematical
calculations … they could also read and tell time by the clock.
After these demonstrations …skeptics often left awed … as well
they should. They would have been even more awed by our seated
nephrite jade horse had they seen it … a horse about which I would
like to tell you more … but … alas … as I had previously
mentioned … I have nothing at all to tell.

So …

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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