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[Tidbits] A Great God

Son of Jupiter and Latona. Brother to Diana. He was the god of
archery and prophecy and healing and music… and the latter was a
gift he gave to woman when she was created. He was a successor to
Hyperion as the sun god and as such he became identified with Helios.
This last little bit of info is important as it relates to the piece
of jewelry you are about to see.

It is of Apollo and the Horses of the Sun. It is of Italian origin
dating back to circa 1550. It is made of enameled gold and pearls.
And it has an old world beauty to it that defies my abilities of
description… if you can believe such a thing.

There’s very little written about this piece that I can find in my
tomes… and so I would venture to say that this is going to be the
shortest Tidbits you will ever read and as such it stands out in its
uniqueness… as did this piece which surely stood out in its time as
a treasure to its owner who without doubt wore it as a representation
of rank… much as the elitists of today wear their little doo-dads.
And that’s okay. Was it Andr=e Gide who said every living thing above
the rank of vegetable seeks recognition? The man knew from whence he

And so…

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century enseigne of Apollo.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark