[Tidbits] A Bird by Any Other Name

Well… in Latin the word is Aves which could mean birds, or
ancestral spirits, or ghosts, or even angels. Regardless… the bird
is and was a potent symbol. And I’m not just talking peace… like a
dove with an olive branch in its beak… though why that should
signify peace mystifies me somewhat. I think it should mean the rain
has stopped… but that’s me. Ladies and gennulmen… this is Joe
Smith from the National Weather Forecast. This morning a dove was
seen flying overhead with an olive branch in its mouth. This means
either the rains will end in the water drenched areas of the
Amazon… or the war will end in Iraq.

Shamans and prophets claim to be able to transform themselves into
birds. This is the road to becoming a visionary. Yogis say that
ecstatic flight is the first magical power to be attained by the
practice of yoga. By a show of hands… how many of you thought the
first magical power was the ability to fold your legs like a pretzel
and sit for hours on end staring and meditating… trying to figure
out how long you can stay like this before screaming out in agony.
Becoming a bird is a better accomplishment yet… allowing one to fly
through the sky in ecstasy.

Boidie boidie in da sky… why’d you do dat in my eye. I’m sure glad
elephants can’t fly. Another homage to the mighty bird which I
thought I’d throw in gratis.

Chinese women–it is said–knew the secrets of flying before men
did. I find this little tidbit fascinating. I can understand never
having known how to fly. But the fact is… I don’t know any women
who know how to fly either. What… are they keeping this a secret?

Birds are considered angelic messengers… givers of omens…
possessors of occult secrets… and carriers of souls. This is an
enormous burden for an animal to carry. But here’s the interesting
thing of it all. Of the birds mentioned in my researches… I have
come across the dove, the eagle, the phoenix, the hawk, the stork,
the vulture, the owl, there’s even a lustful dove, the magpie, and
the nightingale. But nowhere… not in any book… not in any story
… not in any mythological reference… has there ever been mention
of the Toucan.

Of course… in keeping with my ever wise decision-making practices
… I have decided to show you a Toucan. There is a sound reason for
this… a road fraught with irrefutable logic that led me to this
decision… and the reasoning is this. I saw a pretty image of the
bird and I wanted to show it to you.

So there you have it. A Toucan… a brooch in yellow gold, enameled
in vivid colors… with a tail scattered with diamonds at a value of
25 000 French francs.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark