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[Tidbits] 8645039-8645038-8644598

Ya like cryptic… ya got cryptic.

Circa early 1995. It was time for the revamping of the methodology of
certification for colored diamonds by the GIA. What was needed was an
upgraded system of classification for depth of color that would
ensure far more accuracy… most particularly for stones with prime
quality hues.

Once upon a time in an ancient land called America there existed
three diamonds. The first two were modified pear-shapes and the third
was a modified heart-shape. They were all set into a platinum pendant
and separated by two near colorless marquise-shape diamonds.

The first was a fancy deep pink weighing in at approximately 1.56
carats. The second was a fancy intense blue weighing in at
approximately 2.18 carats. The third was a deep yellow weighing in at
approximately 5.57 carats. With the certificate numbers listed
above… the fancy deep pink was a VS1 and the fancy intense blue was
a VVS2 or better and the fancy deep yellow was also a VVS2.

I know this particular Tidbits tends to gear itself to a more dry and
technological bent of mind… but if I don’t do this every once in a
while how are you all going to even suspect that I know any of the
good stuff? Yeah. He’s always joking. But that’s just to hide the
fact that he don’t know nuthin’. Ya know what I mean?

It was because of the variances in saturation and tone and depth of
color that this new grading method had to be implemented.

All this of course begs the question: Okay. We read. We listened. We
were patient. So now what? Well… here’s the what of it. Back in
1995 this stone pendant with these strikingly strong colored diamonds
all gathered together to form this extremely rare combination was
worth–are you ready for this–$1,100,000. The reason I gave the cert
numbers is this. I tried to trace this back to find out what the
value is today. No luck. Perhaps one of you out there is up to the

It’s only a small trek back in time. 17 years or so. Let me know if
you find the answer. I am curious.

And now…

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark