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[Tidbit] Gombhos

An ancient Indo-European word meaning teeth … which has evolved to
it’s present state to describe that ultra-modern device commonly
used to enhance one’s looks to a point of such dazzling beauty as to
strike the beholder dumb with instant passion … namely: The Comb.

Yessirree ladies and gennulmen. All cultures of the world–it
seems–independently discovered and used the comb. Well … except
for the Britons who wore their hair unkempt till the mid 800’s.
Clearly … their beauty shone from within.

Of course … I know you all know that combs are not merely
inanimate objects whose sole purpose is to groom one’s locks into
place. Nay nay. For those of you out there who might be experiencing
that slight discoloration known as graying … and who have neither
the time nor the money to start dyeing your hair … for you I have
good news. Get your mitts on a lead comb and begin stroking. Soon
… faster than you can say abracadabra … the gray will be gone
and your original color restored … bringing vitality back to your
spirit and other parts of your bod. Hence comes that old saw that
says: “He uses a lead comb” which became the euphemism for dyeing
gray hair.

It is believed that combs made from living things bestowed upon the
used the characteristics of the entity from which the comb was made.
Hence: Use a comb made from elephant ivory … and elephantine
traits will abound … your memory will increase … your strength
will triple-fold … and you will surely be able to pick up a blade
of grass with your trunk.

Some quick warning issued here to protect one from the extremely
hazardous dangers of misusing a comb. This is given to you as a
public service. Should you happed to use a comb in order to groom a
deceased one … throw that comb out for if you use it on a living
person … that person will surely soon die.

Do not throw away a comb that has lurking within its teeth a strand
or more of your hair … for if a sorcerer or a witch should get
hold of it … you run the risk of being put under all sorts of evil

Never never never comb a baby’s hair till he has finished teething
… for if you do … every tooth that breaks on that comb will
cause that baby to lose one of its teeth before its time.

Did I mention I have a golden comb to show you? Is there no end to
my thoughtlessness? I have a comb of gold to show you. It has a
battle scene worked in relief on both sides of the top giving the
illusion of being sculpted in the round. I present it to you in
correct perspective for in Western art … the victor proceeds from
left to right.

But first … by a show of hands … who’s working Monday? Happy
Memorial Day y’all.

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order to view a stunning example of Greek sculpture.

Benjamin Mark