Thracian Gold and my Love for Chasing and Repousse

Hello everybody,

I’m back. That is, after 3 busy months of intensive workshops, moving over
to our new home, and dealing with all the legal matters associated with
its purchase. Unlike the city, it is quiet and peaceful out here, a happy
little community. Some time ago, I read the postings regarding the
Thracian Gold Exhibition. The sincere appreciation for this exhibition,
truly made me feel proud of my historic background. Thracian gold, is an
art, unique in its beauty and harmony, created by the incomparable talent
of my ancestors. They were my best teachers in what I do best-chasing and
repousse. I was born in the land of the Thracians, and spent much of my
time in museums and on archaeological expeditions. I have always admired
those masterpieces, and tried to figure out how they were raised and
chased, as well as what tools and techniques were used by the ancient
masters. Thracian gold became my lifelong inspiration. With such an
inspiration, how can I be anything else but a silversmith? And, as a
silversmith, what else could I love to do more than chasing and repousse?
Glad to be back!

Valentin Yotkov
Morganville, NJ