Thoughts on Stuller's GemEWizard?

Being as I am working on my GIA GG degree, and in the last phase, and
hardest part, colored stones, I was wondering what it would take to
get the new GemEwizard from Stuller, and now endorsed by GIA. I went
to the GemEwizard website

and played with the demo, as well as read the on this
software. While I found it full of bells and whistles, one thing kept
bugging me. Color! Half of my immediate family are currently, or have
in the past, worked in the technical engineering end of television,
movie production, and computers. Growing up around 5 people who were
pedantic about correct color settings was often a pain in the butt,
especially at those family get together where all the nerds would
form a circle in one corner of grandmas living room and talk tech.
But I must have accidentally learned something being in the same room
with them. Correct color is hard to get.

I wondered how this software could have correct color, when color
standards differ depending on where in the world you are. Just in TV
alone, NTSC, PAL, PAL 3, Pal 4, SECAM, and so on, they are all a
little different. NTSC, (My Dad joked that stands for Never Twice
Same Color) what we use in the states, does not use true black for
black. While Pal in England, uses black in its color bars.

Then I wondered, what about monitor settings, which are almost
impossible to get correct and keep correct. Pantone sells a cool
little gadget called the Spyder, that you put on your screen and it
helps you set correct color for a little over $300.00. But who’s
correct colors do you get? Pantones. Granted they are the industry
standard on print colors and many in the film and video industry use
it as well, but once again, that is for the US.

How can this help when dealing in a global economy as we have today?
I sure cant see it.

And what about ambient light, where you actually are holding the
physical stone you want to grade? At least with the old color
Popsicle stick types, you could have it in the exact same conditions
as the stone you are judging. You cant do that with you monitor. Your
arms would get tired real fast.

Now according to my lessons for my GG, diamonds and the master stone
should be viewed under the same light, under the same conditions, and
next to each other. Considering that some colored stones can cost
more per carat than diamonds, I would have expected at least the
same standards when it comes to grading them. But then again, Im no
expert. I just cant imagine a gem dealing in Thailand or India
paying $500 for the software, and $30 a month just because we can fee
and another $300 for the pantone spyder to setup moniters. And that
is where most of the stones will come from. In my research I found
some reviews that pretty much confirms my suspsions about the
GemEwizard, I think this one does it the best.

But so far my personal opinion is that this might do more to lessen
accurate grading of stones than it does to increase it. Ok, discuss

Your observations are dead on…

No offence to Stuller they make many wonderful contributions to our
industry. but the system is a sales tool only!

All monitors show different color… computers, etc.

I grade color everyday of the week and have tried every color system
out there.

There is only one system that I recommend for grading colored
gemstones and colored diamonds

PO Box 7683
Rego Park, NY 11374
(718) 997-0231

As far as I am concerned there is no other system. It is extremely
reasonable in cost, the most possible color combinations, easy to
transport and has results that can be duplicated. (hint for odd
color stones you mix color combo’s that are not listed in the
"primer" and you will match your colors)

It does have a learning curve that is easy to overcome… and Howard
is beyond easy to work with. You will not see endorsements from
certain big gemological equipment sellers because he maintains his
rights to this product and does not do multi million dollar
donations. Howard spent many years creating this system and he did it
not for $$$$$$ but for a passion and love of the industry. There has
never been another product that I have every endorsed with this high
of a stamp of approval… But what do I know I only color grade
about 50-100 colored gemstones a week.

You want to use a “dark” room and the best lighting that you can get
reasonably are ott-lights… You want to use the “true Light” ?
version… I believe they run about $80 each… stay away from the
$45 versions… You can get them at Office Depot or online.

If you every have a question on the system you can contact me
anytime Best of luck on your endeavors

Charles M. Ellias GG ISA CAPP

I had emailed GemEwizard and ask about getting an accurate color
setting on computers for grading colored stones with their software.
They emailed me back

  We see in our records that are not a Gemewizard customer and
  so you are not elegible for support, however please read the
  attached on how to calibrate LCD. LCD is a must when using
  Gemewizard and we have found that calibrated LCDs give fairly
  homogenous results.

Now they didnt address my questions about ambeint lighting and such,
but personally, Im not overly impressed yet.

Now if I would think if they could build it into an all in one stone
grader, like the diamond graders sometimes use, and sold a unit pre
calibrated from the factory and a way to recalibrate it in the field
so everyone using it gets the same results no matter the conditions,
then this would be consistent and a nice little gadget I would think.
And I think the extra price would be worth it as most people I know
would probably have to buy a good LCD screen, and maybe even have a
computer dedicated to this software just so no other programs mess
with the video card settings, as some do, like adobe products can for
one example. Spending a couple grand for a stand alone grader, drop
the stone in, slide the cover over, and push the button, would be
well worth it if many in the trade used it. it would be like everyone
having the same eye to grade the color of the stone.

but the word fairly, when it comes to stones that could cost
hundreds, even thousands a carat, I dont like the sound of it when
its sounds like its no more accurate than the system used now, the
human eye and best guess.

Does anyone here have experience with this software? What is your



thank you for your insight and recommendation of the GemDialogue
system. Does he have a website by any chance? I would love to look
into it more. I have heard of it, but not a lot. But if he doesn’t
spend the money on ads and donations to get it promoted, then I can
see why I haven’t heard a lot about it.



He does not… but he will be exhibiting at Tucson… and you
should call him he is the best


charles m. ellias gg isa capp
north american lapidary laboratory
po box 932
birmingham, mi 48012