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Thoughts on rolling mills


Ive been bouncing back and forth about purchasing a rolling mill
had great and helpful dicussion with Roy .
so Im looking for pros and cons
Durston ( thier new Agile C130)
or others that might be suggested
Jewelry makers experiance with Pepe mills
Thank you
Happy Holidays every one


I own a Durston 158 over/under have crank mill. My third Durston–keep moving up in size. It has been an awesome mill for many years. But I also have found the value of a power mill so I bought a Pepe power mill, flat. Works great.


Ok Andy Thanks


Well my Durston Agile c130 is on its way
I feel like a kid anticipating Xmas
Now Ive got to revamp my shop again
but thats great
Ill post again on this subject in case others are
in same position