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Thoughts about security


The media nowadays are full of references to identity theft and
credit fraud. There have also been many instances of wholesale
losses of personal identity records. I hate the idea of crawling
into a hole, but we all need to be conscious of developing hazards.
Lately my wife reminded me that we are out of business cards and it
occurred to me that maybe putting out cards for anyone to take may
not be such a good idea. I wonder what you Orchidians think about
this issue ?

Similarly, when we went on vacation recently we decided not to put
an announcement to that effect on our door. We thought that maybe it
would be wise to keep any unwanted intruder guessing as to whether
the business was operational or when we might return. There is often
a fine line between normal precautions and paranoia, but I would "
rather be safe than sorry " I long ago learned that regardless of
where we live mayhem can strike anywhere. It is foolish to think
that because we live in a rural area nothing is likely to happen.
Isolation breeds complacency…

Ron MIlls, Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, Ca.