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This past season

Seems like every year we have a discussion about how the Christmas
season has gone. Not this year. I have wondered why, not good, or
too good to brag about. I have to say in my 32 years of business I
have never seen so few customers come in the door. I still did OK,
but not great. I was just wondering if the rest of our Orchid group
had any thoughts on this economy. I want to keep making and fixing
jewelry for a few more years, I just hope that I still have
customers and hope. Janine in Redding California that needs some

Had a rather interesting phone call from from my newly acquired
setting client yesterday. He had some rather disturbing news…:>)

He deals a with an Internet selling company (no names here) he just
landed an order for 12,000 rings a.s.a.p. and 86,000 more by years
end. Who says the economy is in the drain? My take on this order for
2012 is about 65+% of the final setting.

Not too mention, I’m still getting students who want to learn
Diamond, or Gem-Stone setting from me on private training programs.
This 2012 is going to be a banner year for me!

We, in Canada only have 7.3 unemployment rate and homes well over
$1+ million are being bought as fast as they go on the

This past Christmas season was as busy as ever. However…I do not
have a brick and mortar storefront. The brick and mortar storefronts
I sell said Christmas was ok but not awesome. I did do a lot of
restyling old gold. This has been a really busy thing for me for
three Christmas’s in a row. Take Grandmas ring and make it something
else… That is fine with me. Many of my ‘art jeweler’ friends do
not do repairs like I do. This has hurt their business with so many
people ‘recycling’ old jewelry instead of buying new??? I don’t
know? I know that I don’t turn work down almost never. Repairs,
restyling, custom work is busy and I am happy to do them. Huge new
sales of my own big items half of what they use to be. Been thinking
of going even higher end because that group of people still has
money. Just got an order for a 20 inch gold viking knit chain. That
is a price point I don’t usually make things in. I guess I should try
it.Keep on Keeping on… :wink:

joy kruse

Just heard!

The company that I spent 14 years with, just “closed their doors”,
but still trading under their design name! I am not privileged to
divulge their original name.

From a high staff of 150 tradespeople they are now down to only 4.

Not too surprised, they never adjusted their prices to accommodate
to the new reality of trying to compete with the overseas countries.
They never made any effort to get into Cad designing programs either,

Another “nail in the coffin” of our Canadian jewellery trade…