Thinnest gauge wax

Hi all: I just read the archives on the Delft Clay process, and
wonder if anyone knows approximately the thinnest gauge wax it could
reproduce successfully. Also, aside from cuttlebone, what other room
temperature (or ordinary oven temperature) materials are there for
simple one sided casting?

Thanks Sandra

Sandra; Native Americans have been using Tufa stone for one sided
casting with sterling silver for many generations. Consult Oppi
Untracht’s Metal Techniques for the Craftsman for info if you don’t
know any Native American craftspeople. David L. Huffman

Sandra, The thinnest material that can be worked with is
butterboard/modelboard, which can be carved with a .5mm thickness. I
can make the object thinner, but haven’t. The only way to carve this
material is by cad/cam. Let me know if I can help you out. I make
flat pieces designed on my computer and can control the generated
thickness. Thanks, Scott

Sandra, I’m not sure about the thinnest gauge wax Delft will cast,
but I’ve cast flat pieces up to 1-1/2" with metal models. I’ve had
excellent reproductive detail from etchings, which is considerably
better than sandcasting, even down to lettering. I do know not all
waxes will mold well. Some are too sticky and “pull”. I’ve had the
best success with green carving wax. K.P. in WY