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Things I don't like doing

change you and make you a better person. After a time you do
improve, she feels like she worked a miracle when you actually
just returned to you natural baseline of behavior. everybody's

In other words, Mark, begin your life together as a couple on a lie!
That’s wrong in so many ways.

I found that the way you start anything whether it’s a relationship,
business venture or a piece of jewelry, is the way you will always
work. If you start with good habits, making an effort, the right
skills, you’ll always have that. Start off badly, and the finish
isn’t going to get better, but worse. Kind of like soldering, the
better the join before you start soldering, the better and easier the

As for me, when there’s something I don’t like doing, I tend to do
it first. Get it over with and then I can move on to the things I
love to do as a reward for myself.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Michele,

In other words, Mark, begin your life together as a couple on a
lie! That's wrong in so many ways. 

That was tongue-in-cheek. It’s advice occasionally given to cheerful
young men who are shopping for an engagement ring, given with a
smile and it always gets a chuckle. Nobody would really do it. Even
if they tried I imagine it would be impossible to not be yourself
for an extended period of time. We are who we are and all we can
hope for is that we find someone who finds our faults endearing. at
least tolerable.

Happy New Year,

I still have the first piece of jewelry I ever made sitting on my
work benchafter 40 plus years to remind me of how proud I was of it
and to remind me that no matter how good I am today I still need to
push myself to be better then the last piece I just made!!!,