Thin platinum wire

Hallo! I’m experimenting with making fine platinum chains,everything
is fine, but I can’t find supplier for smaller then 0.28 mm drawing
plates,or industrial pellets.Filigree plates made of steel can’t
take platinum!In old days I’ve seen drawing pellets with ruby
crystal/probably man made/ .I’ve also heard of diamond ones, I’d
like to be able to draw wire below 0.1mm. Any info would be greatly

rafal@thorrko .com

Do a search on Google for “wire drawing dies” you will find
suppliers for inserts in various materials. generally in tungsten
carbide and various gem materials including diamond. This
doesn’t seem to give and end point result directly but will give you
worldwide suppliers to contact.


Hello Rafel, You can purchase a drawplate with tungsten carbide
holes, form 0.245 - 0.12 mm in 24 holes at in the

If you want to go smaller it is possible. The cheapest way is to buy
ruby bearings from waths makers the go down to 0.04 mm. You only have
to set them in a holder.

Martin Niemeijer