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Thierry Lefevre-Grave - Jewelry Gallery

Journal de la creation de Thierry Grave
Paris, France

I create one of each pieces of jewellery and silver-smithings for over 38 years.

I grind my stones myself, and make the silver part directly in metal, so that, each piece is entirely hand made by me.

My creations are originals pieces and I never use the same drawing twice. I make any kind of jewellery ( rings, brooch, pendants, earrings…) but I like very much to make fountain pens too, and shaving razors and brushes…

Every year, I develop a new family of pieces with a new theme to keep my creations fresh and attractive throw the time.

I can create for my clients specific pieces using their symbols or personal motivations.

Materials: Silver
Dimensions: 12 cm

One of each fountain-pen in silver; body and cap are hand made, with a sawed and engraved decorative motif.

Photo credit: Jean-Louis Chabry

Bracelet "Corset"

Materials: Siver, quartz, lapis lazuli and leather
Dimensions: Diameter 8cm

One of each bracelet hammer shaped, with stones and leather string.

Photo credit: Jean-Louis Chabry

“Electric” ring

Materials: Silver, chrysocolle and cornaline.
Dimensions: 2,5 cm

Hammer shaped one of each ring, with red and green stones.

Photo credit: Jean-Louis Chabry