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Thermotrol Junior

Hello, I’ve kind of been out of the picture. I’ve been fighting a
computer virus. I was wondering if anyone had any info on “The
Jelenko Thermotrol Junior”? It’s a centrifigal casting machine. It
is electric and has a little oven, crucible, muffle. whatever you
want to call it. Anyway I bought it from a dental technician about 3
or 4 years ago. They don’t make them anymore. I just loved this
thing. I got beautiful casting results. The crucible has a graphite
liner and it was a perfect atmosphere for melting metal. Anywho,
The heating element has burned out in the crucible. I’ve called
Jelenko and the guy in repairs, basically said good luck, I don’t
have a clue as to where to tell you to send it. Do any of you know
someone that would work on this kind of thing? If so please let me
know. It seems like everything I have is falling apart. I also have
an old steam master steam cleaner and I think the heating element is
burnt out in it also! I’d also appreciate info on repairing it.
Thanks ahead of time for any help. I appreciate it. ~Poppy~

Dear Poppy,

Give Eisinger Enterprises at 800-282-1980. I have two Jelrus
machines, and they have been able to rebuild muffel units for both of
them. You are right that parts are no longer available, I could not
get a spring replaced in one of my unit bases, however all you need
for muffels is platinum wire and furnace cement.

Good luck,

Hi Poppy,

We can help. We repair all makes and models of jewelry equipment.

The casting machine would need to be sent to us for repair. The
reason is the element will need to made for it.

Depending on what is wrong with your steamer it may also need to be
sent. Unless you just want to buy the parts and install them yourself.
Sometimes this is something simple that can be done quickly and easily
and other times it can be very difficult and time consuming.

If you let me know what is wrong with the steamer we can better
determine how difficult it wil be and you can decide if it is
something you want to do or something you want us to do.

Our address is:

	MPG Repair
	407 South 5th Street
	Livingston, MT 59047

	Toll free phone 1-877-262-2185
	or email to the above address.

	I look forward to hearing from you.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair