Thermotrol casting machine

They were made by a co. named Jelenko, a manufacturer of dental
equip. They were wonderful little machines for casting smaller
rings. The crucibles were made of graphite (expensive) but they were
just about foolproof for a casting set-up. They are no longer being
manufactured. Wish I had one, too! I do believe you can still buy
the crucibles though. I cast many crowns and small bridges in one of
these babies many years ago!

I am lucky enough to have two Thermotrols, a D2 and a D3. I have
used the D2 for years and have had great success. I bought the D2 in
an estate sale and have never used it. It has only been used twice
and is in perfect condition. I think you can still get the crucibles
from Romanoff Rubber Co. in New York.

Hi, You might be able to find a used one in a dental supply house.
You may also be able to contact Jelenko directly and ask them to
notify their repair dept. to watch out for a used one for you. I
learned my craft on one of these 35 years ago. You could dial-up the
exact casting temp of the metal you were using and never worry about
burning it. They REALLY ate the electricity though.

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I have obtained a Jelenko Electric Thermotrol casting machine from
the Jelrus Company. There are three main pieces plus graphite
crucibles and I know nothing about it, like how it works. Anyone
have on this item?

I have the casting machine is a Thermitrol#3 for 25 years. There are
the sling arm, the base with the casting spring and electric
contacts, The temperature electric eye control and a Rheostat to
adjust the amps while casting. Did you get the Factory Manual with it.
I takes carbon crucibles that come out, so you can cast different
types of metal with out getting the metal mixed up.

The crucibles are expensive but last quite a whils. There is a Carbon
flux they recommend to put onto the metal before casting. DON’T USE
thecentrifuge broke last year and I got a replacement spring from
Frea & Borel of Frisco. I had it put back in the housing by a company
in Colo Spgs Colo. Called the Jewelry Doctor. He did a great job and
my unit is runing great. The caster was quite expensive when I got
it. The Muffel Heating unit cost 2 or 3 hundred several years ago as
a traid in replacement. Hope this helps My I -3 will cast 20 oz of
gold or 15 oz of silver and you just set the temp on the dial and it
buzes ahen the metal has reached the temp you set it for.

Billy S. Bates

I have used one for 25 years or so. Contact me off-list and I will

Jon Michael Fuja


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