Thermoplastic use

I have a man’s turquoise ring where the stone has fallen out. Everything else is great, including the serrated bezel. However, the original setting of the stone includes the “sand” that raises the turquoise to the desired height. Question: Can I use thermoplastic to raise the stone instead of an alternative material, i.e. sand, cut up credit card, other material…? Any help would be appreciated.

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Use whatever will work for you as long as it doesn’t compress too much leaving your stone loose after you set it. I have used single ply cardboard like cereal boxes in the past. Jo pointed out that it can, over time, cause your silver to tarnish. There was a recent discussion of this topic, so take a look in the archives…Rob

I had an instructor many years ago who said to save all the AOL CDs and use them in rings. I was able to collect around 100 from friends and neighbors and still about 70 left. If necessary the CD can be cut and filed to size.


I’ve read sawdust and sand were used by craftspeople in the past to level out or raise up stones. I’ve personally used credit cards, copper sheet, wire in shape if interior perimeter to raise them up. Turquoise is soft—you could easily sand out high spots by hand to level if the back isn’t exposed by the setting.

They’re fantastic under translucent stones to help prevent a patina/tarnish from showing thru a stone.

I like to use cork myself. Fine sawdust also works.

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I also like cork and sawdust. There is a reason for these. As you tighten the stone, the cork/sawdust compresses. With the right amount of “compressible” materials under the stone, you get a snug fit, a level stone and lower the chances any stone damage. Old cork from slide bracelets works. Just crumble it up so it is very fine. Sawdust is my favorite, cork second, other paper products next.