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I purchased some plastic that melts in hot water and can be formed
when warm, then becomes hard again. This was several years ago and
now I can’t remember the name of the company or find the invoice. I
thought it was Thermaplast but can’t find anything on the Web that
sounds similar. Does anyone have the name, phone, URL, or any
on this company? Thanks.

I have a product which I bought YEARS ago called "Friendly Plastic,"
which was available in art supply stores, and it sounds like the item
you are describing. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Diane, Frei and Borel sells something called plastiform their number
is 510 832-0355. I have it in the studio but have not used it. I
am promising to try it this week as well as starting up my kiln.


Try Protoplast instead of thermaplast. It is made by WFR/Aquaplast
Corp 30 Lawlins Park Wyckoff, NJ 481-1443 1-800-526-5247 web.
www.WFR/ I think that is it if not run a search engine…
Frank Goss

Rio Grande sells this, or something very like it, as Jett-Sett


Hi Diane, The company Twain Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. has a product
(Code TSW3) which has the properties you require. It is used for
sculpturing and model making. More info:
Regards Ed.