Thematic series?

Hi all,

I’m trying to think of a theme for a series. No, not a theme, an
object. A friend is doing a series of spoons – so each spoon is
different, yet they’re all the same basic object.

I don’t want to do spoons, obviously, but I wonder what else would
one use for a series like that?

Sort of a thing of being creative within a limited range.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


How about Shells?


Hello Elaine,

I think the most interesting series is based on an ordinary,
utilitarian object. A calendar I like has a series of photographs
of doors - different locals, colors, open, shut, etc. Wonderful!
Faberge did it with eggs. Mother Nature does it with seashells.
How about closing devices like paperclips, clothespins, clamps.

Sounds like fun and a great exercise in creativity! Let us know
what you decide to do.

Judy in Kansas

Hello Elaine,

The first thing that came to mind, was forks, but I’m sure you’ve
already thought of and discounted that immediately - smile. My next
thought was leaves. With an almost endless variety of leaves, you
could select perhaps one species, and imagine away.


I think of it in terms of series and subject matter. Boundaries are
good because it helps push the envelope although it seems like it
would do just the opposite.


  Objects of a certain size 2"/1" for example.
  Objects of a certain shape, a triangle for example
  Pins that fasten in the front instead of the back.
  Charms that could be dangled from a watch band.
  Measuring devices

marilyn smith

Hi, Elaine,

If you like/are inspired by the idea of doing a series of spoons,
why not just go with that? Silversmiths have been making spoons for
as long as there have been spoons (and silversmiths). So you’re a
copycat-- who isn’t? Your series will be-- your own!

Or do cake servers, or fish knives, or letter openers (I assume you
want to do something other than pins, rings, pendants, bracelets, or
earrings). Salad sets? Tea infusers? Corkscrews? How about bells?


How about boxes, letter openers or small bowls.


Today I went to a coin shop, my 8 YO found a steel penny and now
that’s all he can think about. But they had a show case of spoons,
but they were just spoons. I did get a wedding gift many years ago
from a Japanese woman, a set of spoons that were enameled, very
nice. No, I never used them to eat with, I know they’re spoons but
they’re just so nice. I just couldn’t get them dirty.


it seems to me that you need to choose an object that moves you.
you know, there are just some things in the world that draw you. you
want to pick them up, you like repetition of them. you have no idea
why you like them, but you do… they don’t seem to have intrinsic
"meaning," but you like them. maybe they are our modern day
fetishes. who knows. i guess i am not very deep. for me, my
artist’s statement is: wysiwyg.

jean adkins

How about using fabric textures/weaves (basket weave, herringbone,
boucle, etc.) or classic fabric patterns, i.e houndstooth, plaid,
checks, etc. in some sort of series OR a series of "somethings"
dealing with a single specific number? Let us know how your project