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The Wax machine system manual

I’m looking for the instruction manual for THE WAX MACHINE SYSTEM, a
collection of tools used make wax ring models. It includes such items
as sizing corer, faceting guides, index sprockets for eternity ring
hole placements, ring band dome cutters, etc. I looked in the Orchid
archives (January 2008) and there was mention that James Newton got a
photocopy from Phil at Rio Grande. I sent an email to Rio, but was
wondering if James Newton still subscribes to Orchid and is willing
to share a copy of the users’ manual with me. It would be greatly

Donna Shimazu

Yes Donna, I do still subscribe, although I seldom see a need to

I am photo copying that manual for you here this morning. Now I am
glad you asked because I did not realize until I went to make these
copies that my copy has been getting very dog eared, and it would
not have been much longer before I could not have made decent

I just made two copies, so I can put one away for the future, and
send you one.

Glad that I can help. Jim

Jim, thank you very, very much for making the photocopy of the
manual for me. I appreciate your help and generosity.