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The Value of Ganoksin

I live in an isolated part of Michigan, which means classes are exceptionally hard to get to. So when I saw jewelry artist Deborah Jemmott post something on Ganoksin about galvanic etching in June, I contacted her immediately and asked her for help. She lives in California and has an exceptional reputation as a teacher and artist. She’s also very generous, but wise about her time. When she realized that I was serious and was experienced in preparation, she gave me a list of very specific pieces of equipment and materials to buy online. She also emailed me handouts. A few weeks later, with everything in front of me, I gave her a phone call. From her studio in California she walked me through galvanic etching. A couple hours later, I saw the results of my first efforts.
Since this time I have done a lot of etching, and all of her suggestions and tips provided me with handy solutions when I stumbled into problems on my own. Her teaching also raised my silversmithing to another level of elegance and sales, while reducing environmental damage.
Deborah – I can’t thank you enough for helping me out.
– Betsy Lehndorff


Hello Orchidland,
I’m impressed by Betsy, who shared details about Deborah’s help and thanked her via the forum. I’m also impressed by Deborah’s willingness to take some extra effort to assist Betsy - a stranger.

Isn’t this what Orchid (and Ganoksin) is all about? A great idea hatched by Charles Lewton-Brain and Hanuman, which is still making a difference lo these many years later!

May I suggest that Seth’s troupe add a bit of history recounting the who, why, and when of Ganoksin’s origin. That story may be on the website, but I’ll admit I haven’t looked for it.

Judy in Kansas, where temps are predicted to hit 90+F…the tomatoes are loving it.

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It’s so great to hear about so many connections like this having been made over the years.

As for the history of Ganoksin, we made sure to include Hanuman’s description all about this here:

I am so impressed by the background in forming Ganoskin and the Orchid
Forum. I came to the site quite recently, so was unaware of the
difficulties and history of starting it.
What an achievement, and what dedication!
Thanks you all,

Noralie Katsu

Hello Leah,
Thank you for the link to the story of Ganoksin and Orchid. As a long-time member, I knew the basics, but found the words of Charles and Hanuman so interesting. Wow - Hanuman funded much of the work and Charles donated his writings.

Two geniuses with the same sense of altruism made it happen. Again thanks to their idealism and their efforts, both mental and fiscal.

Judy in Kansas

Thank you for posting this. It places everything in a concise historical format that explains so much. The Orchid Community is amazing. Coming from a educational background where jewelers and jewelry are not often accorded the respect they rightfully deserve, I feel a sense of connectivity and belonging that has never occurred before.