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The Story of Orchid at this year's SNAG Conference!

Don’t miss the chance to hear all about the history of Orchid at the
2004 SNAG Conference in St Petersburg, Florida!

Charles Lewton-Brain will tell the history and effects of the
educational Ganoksin Project, of which the Orchid email list with its
40+ edited messages a day is a part. Its impact will be described
in-depth, including the grassroots community that has evolved, with
friendships, loss, shared experiences and above all an idealistic
commitment from its participants and users to sharing,
education and the community of jewelers. Charles will also discuss
the impact of the web on the small studio jeweler, information
gathering and networking strategies.

This year’s conference will be held on March 17-21 - perfect
timing to give you just the jump-start you need. In addition to
hearing all about Orchid, you will be able to hear the rest of this
year’s exciting lineup of speakers, view inspiring exhibitions, shop
for tools and supplies direct from their sources in the Vendor Room,
and tour our sunny host city with old friends and new!

You have until March 10th to sign up online, or by phone or fax.
Just visit and click on the “SNAG
Conferences” link to see more details and register online, or call
Complete Conference Coordinators to register: (630) 416-3030.