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The sene-sene con


There is currently a letter from a so-called jimmy davis in Senegal,
West Africa who is purporting to selling off a three kilo parcel of
diamonds interspersed amongst Orchid letters.

It is a classical con which bears strong semblance to those which
appear regularly from Nigeria.

The Senegalese have been very actively involved in nefarious
gemstone transactions in Afirca and you must be very leary of their
assertions. The sene-sene may be likened to the Mafia.

Ron Mills at Mills Gem Co.Los Osos Ca.


I was mentioning on a faceting list I am on: “Is it just me or is
the topic of 'what do I do with these parcels of un-cut diamonds’
popping up more and more over the past few months on all of faceting

I wonder if these people who are also posting “I am buying a packet
of rough diamond, what does VS1 and H mean?” on the faceting lists
are being taken buy these scams then trying to find cutters on one of
the popular Faceter’s lists.

  • Just an observation.
    Taylor in Toronto