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The Reactive Metals Challenge is in progress!

Listen up! The Reactive Metals Challenge is in progress. The fees to
enter the MJSA Design Competition have been waived for the first ten
entrants in the Reactive Metals Distinction category. It normally
cost $50 to enter this contest. In order to promote our friends to
get in there with their work RMS is going to pay the fee for the
first ten. Now there is no excuse. This is open to international
entrants! Win $500!

Note: there is also a student design award. No fees! All you need is
a pencil and paper! Do you render? Do you teach rendering? Here is a
challenge worth the effort. There are so few entrants in this
category it is a shame. Most come from the New York area… like
nobody else teaches rendering! It can’t be true, can it?

And there is more!

The Mokume-gane Distinction Award is sponsored by Reactive Metals
Studio and Shining Wave Metals is also open. This one you are going
to have to invest in this year. The winners become internationally
known names.

This is an amazing contest to participate in. Winners work will be
viewed by thousands at MJSA Expo New York. There will be an article
in the MJSA Journal, the news letters, and MJSA’s web site. What an

Get off it and enter!

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
928-634-3434, 800-876-3434, 928-634-6734fx