The perfect bench chair

For those considering the Aeron or chairs made with the same type of
seat material (mesh, no padding) I will chime in w/ my .02: I went to
work at a very design oriented firm awhile ago, and they had Aerons -
new, all excited about them too. So I took one and used it for my
desk chair. WELL, shortly I had to switch for one of the old chairs

  • I found the mesh very uncomfortable to sit on for long periods. So
    consider your tush when making your chair decision!


I have the B size Aeron chair, just about everything is adjustable.
Tilt, lumbar support, height of the arms, it is very comfortable.
Over the 18 years I’ve had it, rather a good purchase.

Rick Hamilton

the perfect chair I have sat on, but haven’t purchased yet due to
price is the Sitmatic Delux Chair that Otto Frei sells, and they
have it on sale right now. No, I don’t work for them.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA

I use a drummers throne, from a company called Roc & Soc.

It is shaped like a bicycle seat so there is no pressure on the
backs of my thighs. It has an optional seat back for lower back
support. I use it 12 hours a day for design and trade work. It is
nicely padded. It of course has flat pads on the feet, since drummers
don’t want to roll around, however it is easily retrofitted with
wheels if you like.

By the way, a picture of it can be seen in the new, Jewelers Bench
Book by Charles Lewton Brain. I might add a great book of cool ideas
to help your bench work easier.

Larry Silva
Da Gama Designs