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The origin of platinum and gold

Hi all, Next time someone asks you the origins of Gold or Platinum,
don’t just tell them it comes from such and such a place… …It
comes from the stars. The origin of platinum and gold is every bit as
storied and exotic as the metals themselves. These precious elements
arise during one of the rarest and most violent events in the cosmos;
The cataclysmic merger of two neutron stars, (ultra dense stellar
remnants that pack the mass of half a million earths into a ball the
size of Manhattan). When they finally collide, usually this takes 100
million years or more for the gravity’s to pull them together. In that
last few milliseconds a great deal of nuclear alchemy occurs. This
unleashes so much energy that for a brief moment it outshines
everything in the universe. Most energy quickly collapses into a black
hole, but some spews out in a flood of super hot neutrons and atomic
nuclei. The nuclei rapidly mop up the stray neutrons forming lead,
gold and platinum. This occurs once every 100,000 years in a typical
galaxy. Enough to account for the amount of precious metals on earth.
And if your customers eyes have not glazed over, you might just have
made that sale. Hehehe Ed Dawson making models for the trade Maine
Master Models