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The Orchid Community, what a great place

At first I was wondering why I un-scribed for the orchid list a
couple of years with all the wonderful people and and the
free exchange of ideas but I am starting to remember it has more to
do with me and time/self control (lol) I find myself reading all the
post and not working which is not a good thing but this time I am
going to really try to read and post after hours. I also want to
thank everyone the responded to my post for regarding
jewelry making and gem cutting for the 1500’s to 1600’s you have give
me a lot of good directions to get the And as you can
see from the time stamp on this post I still need to work on that
self control (lol)

Thanks again
Rodney Abel

The past 2-3 weeks have been really rough but the sun is starting to
peek between the storm clouds! Just a few hours after my husband died
at home, we got zonked with over 4.5 feet of un-drifted snow; a few
days later we were hit with another several feet of snow with high
winds and drifted areas covered the entire garage doors in height.
Power outages of many hours were frequent which also meant no furnace
heat with super cold artic temperatures outside. When light was
sufficient in the house, I was able to do some packing up. When it
wasn’t, and I still tried to keep busy I did things like knock over
the weighted tape dispenser and broke a toe. Someone locally saw how
badly I was snowed in and they arranged to have a front end loader
come to dig me out so I could go to the funeral.

When power was up, I would hop onto the computer and this newsgroup
was like a lifeline. Many of you sent private notes of condolences.
Thank you ever so much! I don’t think I could have coped without
friends like you.

Thank You.
Judy Shaw


“We Are Family”

I offer you a respite here in my home, please consider that. I know
you will also receive invitations from others on this list. Take the
time, plot out a trip with stops along the way, and visit with us,
we ARE family.

Oceanside, California