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The Orchid Chat room

It seems that ICQ may not be all that it is cracked up to be. The
install seems to be difficult for people and not everyone cna run
the software. It seems that it would be better to set up a web
chat of some sort. From the responces I’ve recieved it seems that
web browsers are pretty much universal. So I am proposing a web
chat as a solution. The only problem with this solution is that
everyone must have a java enabled browser such as Netscape or
Internet Explorer. If you don’t have a java enabled browser, I
will need to develop some sort of dynamic web page which will mean
lots of hits of the refresh button. Does this sound like a
solution? I have emailed Ganoksin about linking with them so that
everything appears seamless. I really hesiatate to have them do it
all because I know chat rooms can be a major headache.

I await your responces!

P.S. John, do they make a java browser for the Acorn? How about a IRC

Geoff Webb
Pullman WA, USA

P.S. John, do they make a java browser for the Acorn? How about a IRC

At the moment Acorn a waiting for Sun. Rather goody-good of
them, but that’s the Brits. Here’s a recent response in

   Is it fair to assume that Acorn is currently developing a
fully working JVM (applications and applets) for Java 1.2? If
so, when are we likely to see this? We're hoping for a month
after Sun freeze their code (ie. release a non-beta for
PCs/Macs)... I'm not sure I can say when that is likely to be.
We will probably be including a 1.2 beta-voucher in our 1.0.2
product releases, so those who buy the product will get early
access to various betas, although the details have yet to be
decided. P.

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