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The Orchid Chat room

There may be a more efficient and user freindly way of
establishing a chat room without downloading software. I have
emailed Ganoksin with the concepts…if they are interested then
it can be setup quickly and easily on the Ganoksin homepage as
merely a link. If not it can be setup as easily on anyone that
volunteers to fund the software use ($ 10.00 per month), on their
home page. Will keep all posted.

Lester Poole


A sound idea - with one minor flaw! ICQ of is
free! and has an enormous membership database.


Joe Bokor

Hello Joe.

My question is, now that I need to re-install ICQ again, must I
re-register and acquire a new ID number?

After you re-install ICQ you will be asked if you already have an
ICQ Number, at this moment you can type your previous ICQ Number,
you don=B4t need acquire a new one.



Thank you for your Do you visit the Orhid Chatroom?
When are people usualy visiting there - I’ve tried several times -
but all I get is the SEND board with gweeb number unchangebaly
entered I double click on &orchid but I NEVER FOUND ANYONE THERE

Can you advise, please?



Actually, many people have been doing this, so that’s why I am
posting this to the list. To enter the chat room you have to chat
me. Many people are sending messages to me but not entering the
chat room. To enter the chat click on the &Orchid nickname and
move down the menu to the option labeled “ICQ Chat”. Click on the
option and you should be jioned to the chat room.

Also please remember, that just because the Orchid room is online
doesn’t me that I am physically at the machine. Personal messages
to me should be send to 8254492.

Enjoy the room.

Geoff Webb
Pullman WA, USA

Dear Geoff I am a bit dumb when it comes to computer talk etc, But
I can not find your chat room. The ICQ Chat It is not listed in the
Ganoskin site explorer, Orchid section which has down loaded on my
computer. When I type in the Url which you have given the net
tells me that it doesn’t exist. Can you explain more Please.
Thankyou Marjorie Australia