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The Orchid Chat room is 8409283 (The how-to)

Is 8409283 a telephone number?

Hello all:

If you do not have ICQ, then go to Http:// and
download it.

If you have ICQ,then open it,(realize you must be connected to the
internet to open ICQ),then click on “Add/Find Users”. A screen will
come up that gives you options of where you can go, choose “Main
Search” In main search, there are three options, choose “Search by
ICQ number(UIN)” then type in the number 8409283, then click

You will see “8409283 &Orchid Arts&Crafts” Click “Next”.
It should now tell you “adding a user is concluded” and ask you
if you want to add another. click “NO” then Click “done”

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA