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The only dumb


I’m going to take somebody up on their offer that there’s no dumb
question I have always wondered if its bad on your bones to
clean polish off of your fingers by dipping your fingers in the
ultrasonic (while on)? I only put my finger tips in for maybe 2
or 3 seconds at a time.

Richard Laspada


I can’t verify that arthritis-like bone or cartilage damage
occurs, but I did read somewhere that dipping hands into
ultrasonics while they’re operating can rupture small blood
vessels in the fingers – not a pretty prospect. I still reach
in there now and then with no bad results I can be sure of. I’ve
discovered the cleaning solution is a great way to remove
buffing compounds from your hands! Better to turn the power off,
though. Or use mechanics’ hand-cleaner as someone else suggested.

Rick Martin