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The Official Orchid Pin

Greetings All,

Thank you all for your great support and suggestions regarding the
Orchid Pin.

After considering all the offers, I came up with the “Official Orchid
Pin Design”. You can grab the picture by pointing your browser to:

I created The Design using a 3D program (Bryce 4.0). So anyone who
is interested into putting it into production can contact me off line
and get the basic structures in DXF file.

Anyone who is interested in identifying himself with Orchid and
Ganoksin welcome to grab the picture and print it either on sticker
or on a T-shirt.

Ganoksin and Orchid are FREE for all site, so I guess I would have to
keep the group’s spirit as it is. Just grab the picture if you feel
like and use it as a symbol. You might consider adding your name and
Business titles to it as you wish.

For those of you who offered to use the Pin symbol, as a
money-generating tool to help supporting the group, Please consider
advertising on the site instead. (Contact me off line for more

Once again, thank you for you kind support offers! Let’s keep the
discussion running� :))


Hanuman, I love how you have refined the original design of the
Orchid pin. My compliments to all who have comtributed to this elegant
piece. I will be delighted to wear it.

Designer in NYC

Nice looking design. Simple and straightforward. Don’t remember if
I have ever seen it posted in the past, so, what is the significance
of the design? The crescent moon (?), the vine.

Also, I would be interested in the DXF file.

O.k. i lied. I kept reading. Now everybody has alot of fabulous
(some expensive) ideas about the orchid of their dreams. kind of a
let-down. Personally, I would like to see mine in 18k and
plique-a-jour. But what to do with all this poised creativity? Hey,
how about a silent auction at the Tuscon dinner? I like it. Committees anyone? Becky

Dr. Aspler, Morning, I think your design is just great. As we are a
bunch of creative people here on line, let me toss a few ideas I
visualized as I first saw it.

Seed beaders could make a patch of some sort to wear on an obvious
location, or an Amulet Pouch for around the neck, or of course a

Enamelists could also make a pin, or for those inclined, a Bola.

Needle Artists could make a Tote Bag, or embroider a patch to be used
on their clothing, or headgear.

Intarsia craftspersons could also use their design techniques to
create a piece of Jewelry.

The possibilities are limitless, what fun we will have when we meet.


Perhaps , If a pin design where chosen, I could offer to manufacture
such a pin in gold plated pewter with colored enamel ( similar to a
hat pin) about 1 " in dia/height .

We produce quantities of pins in pewter with 2 tone plating and
multiple color combinations for corporations that give these items as
gifts to their employees.

These could be sold from a website address Using visa cards and
profits could go to Dr Aspler/Orchid to help offset some of the costs
of running the site.

A design would have to be chosen and a model would need to be

A few designers have already made the offer to design pins( Lisa :slight_smile:
and others. If Dr Aspler would like , we could discuss this idea at
length off line. I would certainly be interested in helping out
wherever I can

Daniel Grandi

Do you think this is fair to the people who do not go to Tuscon? I
would think only a small percentage of orchid members attend. iI
know i would like a pin and still think it would raise money for
Orchid… Not all of us can advertise on Orchid.

Thanks for taking the so-called bull by the horn and declaring that
this is the official pin. I hope to make one soon and wear it both
when I am in a location where I might see other Orchid members and
when I am at fairs trying to sell my jewelry.

This is such a great forum, and you deserve so many thanks…

Sue Danehy
Canton, NY

Hanuman, Thank you for the design and it’s use. I will use it on all of
my web-sites now coming on-line and with great pride! And, thank you
for your service, it IS really appreciated by me and my friends.

Nicholas J. (Nick) Snyder, Sr.
Silver Junction Trading Co.
Coming soon:

Good Morning Hanuman - Congratulations - what an elegant solution!

You read my mind . . . about using the Ganoksin logo and turning the
oval into a circle! :slight_smile: The circle symbolizes our interconnectedness
(is that a word?!) around the earth. In providing a perspective from
Hawaii, I am honored to be a link in this Orchid “lei” that you have
so graciously and generously created and maintain.

To me, Orchid is a safe environment to present our questions and our
concerns. This vehicle for communication has made it possible to
proceed with my work into new territory more comfortably, knowing that
when I get into problems, the support and knowledge is on the other
end of the keyboard!

Now the logo for Ganoksin will be remembered. Of course, I am also
very curious as to the symbolism of the elements of the design and
also to the origin of the choice of the name for the forum - Orchid?
However, it never hurts to have a little mystery in life . . . !

So, many many thanks to you and if I can be of service from Honolulu

  • I’ll do my best to help out. The Orchid forum is truly an example
    of how the technology can benefit us all - thank you for your vision
    and efforts. :slight_smile:

Mahalo (thank you) and Aloha, Cynthia

I’m going to Frame my print and display it at all my shows…Susan

“Official Design” set up and ready to cut a metal mold. Anyone
interested, email me off-list direct for a Jpg image.

question about the pin here, I seem to have missed the post that
showed where I could see this pin. I was just at the orchid sight,
but couldn’t find it there either, since I don’t know exactly what it
is I am looking for.

A. Austin

** Hanuman’s Note **

Point your browser to:

Does any one know where to get the ORCHID LOGO ?

It Was at a URL but I can not find it now can anyone please help ?

** Hanuman’s Response **

Dear Ahmed;

~ The Official Orchid Pin: