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The NY Orchid Dinner

It was really a pleasure to attend the New York Orchid Dinner last
Monday. Many thanks are due to Joel Schwalb and Kenneth Singh for
making it possible. And to Hanuman for creating and supporting
Orchid. Many of us agreed that we felt bereft without our Orchid
"fix" everyday, and that it was the most friendly and useful site
we’d ever encountered. It was wonderful to be in a group of people
who have a passion for their work. The atmosphere was so open and
friendly that it gave me hope for the rest of mankind!

There were three presentations, which were brief, masterly, funny
and extraordinarily useful: A look at beautiful old tools for
jewelry making and lots of examples of creative ingenuity in how to
make useful tools out of all kinds of other things. I wish I could
remember all the different ideas.

The message of the evening came in a letter from Hanuman, and we all
agreed that sharing of is critically important to the
future of our craft. (or art if you wish). We also agreed that
helping to support Orchid and Hanuman in his mission is critically

Looking forward to next year!! Sincerely Sandra

Here are some pictures from last nights’ Big Apple Orchid dinner in
New York City. We had a great evening. It was good to get a chance to
meet and talk to people face to face. Thanks to all who helped in so
many ways to make this event a reality. I would especially like to
thank Kenneth Singh for his help and generosity and our

three presenters for the evening; Gerry Lewy, Brad Simon and Charles
Lewton-Brain. They informed and entertained us. Also thanks to

the many who donated items for the silent auction. When the last few
checks come in I think that we will have raised about $1000 for

We do have some auction items left. I would like to see an ongoing
auction online to continually help Hanuman keep this wonderful thing
alive and well. To that end I would like one or two people with web
site development volunteer to set up a small, simple site where we
could donate items for auction that everyone would have the
opportunity to bid on. These items could include everything from
finished jewelry to tools, books, instructional videos and CD’s,
services, etc.

So how about it? If you have the expertise and a little time let me
know so we can get this rolling and working for Orchid. I look
forward to your replies. Joel

Joel Schwalb

** Hanuman’s Note **

The pictures will be uploaded to the soon coming Orchid-Dinner Page

A big thank you to Joel, Kenneth, and all the presenters at the
first Big Apple Orchid meeting. You really did a fantastic job! What
a priviledge it is to be a part of Orchid Forum… the icing on the
cake was to be able to talk in person, putting faces to names. And
what we learned from Gerry, Brad, and Charles was invaluable. (And
the NY cheesecake wasn’t hard to take, either.)

Re Hanuman: I believe there are few people who would selflessly
devote their time and energy and considerable money to such a large
undertaking, no matter how worthwhile. He really deserves our
financial support. If you get something out of this organization, why
not prove it! Here’s the address:

Dr. E. Aspler
BS Building #4
14-16 Soi Intamara 42
Sutisarn Rd, Huay Kwang, Bangkok
Thailand 10320

A wonderful time was had by all and it was great to put faces to the
email names. I was also very lucky to get a wonderful work of art by
Roc Heredia in the silent auction.

James Binnion Metal Arts

Hola Joel, Thank you very much for all the time that you spent to
organize the Big Apple/Orchid Meeting. Special “Gracias” to Dr.
Aspler and to all the Orchid community, here I found a lot of Friends
who have supported me.

Joel, thanks for the picture of Valentin Yotkov and Billie Lim at the
Orchid meeting, I uploaded it here:

Greetings from the City of the Mountains, Mexico. Roc=EDo Heredia.

I was also very lucky to get a wonderful work of art by Rocio
Heredia in the silent auction. Jim  

Jim, thanks! I am happy I could contribute to keeping this forum

Rocio Heredia