The New Yorker - An article about Gemstones

There is a fascinating and unusually comprehensive article about the
current–and future–state of Gemstone mining, buying, selling,
fakes, heat treatments, etc., on page 66 of the October 2 edition of
The New Yorker magazine. It is really worth reading. I’d love to know
what others think of it, especially as an indicator of the future.


There is an excellent article in the Oct. 2 issue of the New Yorker
magazine, out this week. “The Path of Stones” (The race for
Madagascar’s jewels), by Burkhard Bilger, presents a look at
Madagascar’s gem mining, stone dealing, and the various dangers
therein. It is a fascinating article with a lot of In
some ways it reminded me of some of Richard Wise’s writings about
traveling in the gem world.

Joel Schwalb