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The mystery of the fine silver


A while back I bought some thin, fine-silver wire for weaving from
two sources. I used some of each in different pieces.

While neither of the pieces tarnished, the stored silver from one
source tarnished, but the other didn’t. Both were stored under the
same conditions - in a plastic bag and in a non-humid closet. Can
anybody tell me possible causes so that I may avoid them in the


Hi I was selling fine silver a lot and will again when I drew the
purchased amount of wire through a piece of sunshine cloth and
bagged it it did not tarnish when I did not it tarnished quickly.
One spool tarnished when I accidently removed the anti-tarnish paper
it was wrapped in I keep it in plastic wrapped in paper now…so
that is my experience.

:slight_smile: Teri
An American Cameo Artist