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The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report is about to ship


Hi All,

We are signing off today at the printer on the Safety book. Whew.
Next week the binding should be done and we we will be mailing them
out. It looks good and the top safety experts we submitted it to for
review and criticism said that not only was there nothing wrong with
it, but that I was now a ‘safety expert’. We got an A++ on the book.

I would like to offer Orchidians a last opportunity to get a 25%
discount on the book. If you would like a copy (signed!) then email us
at @Charles_Lewton-Brain OFF LIST with your name and address, we will
mail it out to you with an invoice, when you get it you send us a


here is a description

The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report.

Our latest book, three years of research and writing. A 'must have’
for workshops, students, teachers and factories. This report reviews
issues of studio safety and discusses strategies for recognizing risks
in the jewelry workshop, and for reducing hazards by using
substitution of materials or processes. The premise is that any
reduction in risk improves safety conditions for the goldsmith and
artist. It is written in a easily readable, warm style with plenty of
examples and safety anecdotes backed by extensive citations and
references. A workshop tour gives you a new approach to learning about
safety issues and procedures, with safety and health concerns listed
by the jewelry procedures and tools used, and a good index, all
designed to help you find the you want rapidly and easily.
It is very thorough. The Safety Experts who reviewed it loved it, said
it was excellent, wanted copies. 224 pages, Retail is $34.95 US.
With the Orchid discount here it is $26.21 plus shipping.

Portions of the book are available at: and we will put more up soon.

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada