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The jewelers' position

OK, you guys are asking for it. . .stories about mysterious
disappearances of stones, that is. Here’s a couple, one is anecdote
from the guy who had it happen to him, the other is one that really
happened to me!

My friend Patrick was working on the 14th floor of a downtown Detroit
building that used to house all the trade shops. A diamond flew away
from the setter. After looking for it everywhere, they finally found
it. . .hanging by a breath outside the window on the ledge, 14 floors
above the parking lot.

Here’s mine: A strange man brought an old, beat up crucifix (wall
sized or big enough for exorcisms). He wanted it repaired, re-plated,
etc. He said he found it in a suitcase in a alley in NY, after
hearing a voice out of nowhere tell him where to look (for what, it
did not say). It sat in the shop for about a year. One day, a .50
carat princess cut flew away from me. I searched the shop, stairs,
clothes, etc. No luck. I was feeling really dejected, and promised
the other jeweler if he found it, there was a steak dinner in it for
him. Later, he called me over and grinning, lifted up the crucifix.
There it was, underneath. Now, I am not absolutely certain he didn’t
put it there, except I just don’t think I’m ready to give him that
much credit. Then there was the time that a missing gold charm turned
up a year later sticking in the acoustic ceiling tile. . . etc. . .
etc. . .

David L. Huffman

A missing stone story…but the stone was not missing. I live and work
in the same place.So my situation is very domestic. I was doing a 1
carat diamond engagement ring. The groom to be was VERY
particular…perfect stone. Anal compulsive type guy…even had a car
cover for his Hyundai. I had the stone in my tweezers and PING it when
flying. Landed right by my side on the carpet no problem…but my 6
month old puppy saw it too and swallowed it!! Had to call the groom and
tell him there would be a few day delay on the delivery. Fortunately I
was still within the deadline but could not tell him why the delay…he
would have never been able to give it to his bride to be,
knowing where it had just been.

Okay, here’s my story: Many years ago, I had obtained a diamond,
about a third of a carat, for a good friend who was getting married.
As I was proudly describing the diamond to him over the phone,
sipping a glass of wine, it slipped out of my tweezers and skittered
away, towards the floor. In my haste to find it, I knocked the wine
glass off the desk and it shattered, also on the floor. Try to find
a diamond amidst a collection of broken glass! I nearly lost my mind
looking for this silly little gem. As I was about to give up after
hours of frantic searching, I felt something in my shoe. “No way,” I
said. “Way,” said the diamond…and there it was. It had dropped
into the top of my shoe… I’m still looking for an emerald that went
flying about 20 years ago. If anybody finds it, let me know. -BK in AK