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The gunk on used jewelry and watches


YUCK! Some people are just gross


Elma ultrasonic 2.5 Quart size is good, unless you do larger pieces.
Mr. Clean and ammonia one cap full of each, in water works well.
that is my humble opinion


One of the worst examples of schmutz I’ve seen over my long career as a bench jeweler was a big old men’s diamond 14k nugget style ring that belonged to a butcher who never took it off. Until the day the shank cracked,so he somehow managed to pry the crusty thing off his finger and brought to me for repairs. This was back when food workers didn’t have to wear gloves, so it was FILLED with nasty gunk. Needless to say it went right into the ultrasonic for an extended period before I started working on it.


That is a great idea, as ultrasonics can clean out all of the gunk but often, with an old watcband that is all there is holding the pins in place…


Watch backs are also a nightmare. The ultrasonic is not an option. A very stiff wire brush, rubber gloves and mask. There are often what appear to be growths in the muck. Have even refused to touch some watches!


Many times I have seen “used” gold items so dirty they were a health hazard to me! I even wondered if their jewellery ever came off of their hands or fingers.
If the doctor wants a DNA or a blood test, just examine their jewellery. How gross is that?


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Yeah wrist cheese as ive called it.


It ain’t “wrist cheese”, but it’s a new “Alien Life” form. Why go to SETI, it’s found right here.:wink:


Gerry, On my iPhone!