The future of shopping

10 Predictions For How Shopping Will Completely Change In The Future

A very good, short easy read on how shopping will change in the
future and the future could be next Thursday. Click on the picture to
read the article.

There’s one short on store tracking how a customer walks
thru the store because the store gets signals from the customers cell
phone, like a GPS tracker, the store knows what areas are hot and
which areas are ignored.

There is already a jewelry store I’ve heard of that has RFID jewelry

When you take the ring out of the case a computer tracks how many
times the ring was removed from the case. Importance? The store knows
how many times the ring has been shown. If it hasn’t been shown many
times or at all they will return the ring to a vendor for another

In addition when the ring is removed a small TV monitor behind the
sales person pops up with the stats of the ring and suggests matching
jewelry to go with it.

In addition you might enjoy the two other videos below, I usually
show them when I speak at jewelry shows. Both are about the future of
shopping and these are a year old. One video shows a sales person
tapping her cell pos system charging the customers card. Well that’s
happening now and I saw where in less than 5 years all credit card
companies will replace your terminal and you will not any longer
swipe the customer’s card but tap it and cards will be more secure.

Enjoy these two as well.

David Geller

Interesting stuff, but this is a world I do not wish to participate
in. I’ll stick with small scale, face to face business. Treat every
customer with respect and kindness, give them the best service and
product you can, remember their names and faces but don’t store any
personal besides a contact phone #. The business goal is
sustainability, not growth. I’m 61 and hopefully there is still
enough of a niche market for this kind of business model for the
rest of my career.