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The final Word on Lighting the Little Torch


Hi All - OK - here’s the real scoop on how to light your LT, or any
other mixed fuel arrangement: GOGO, as someone else said (sorry
Karen). Gas On Gas Off - IE., when lighting the torch, gas on
first, and when extinguishing the torch, gas off first.

Here’s the link to the LT site’s instructions for torch lighting
which gives those instructions -

and here’s a bunch of other sites, all saying the same thing…

Purdue U -
  1. Slightly open the acetylene valve on the torch and then use the
    striker to ignite the acetylene. … 19. When you are finished
    welding, the acetylene valve at the torch should be closed first, and
    then the oxygen valve should be closed secondly.

Eastern Michigan College of Technology-

  1. Open the acetylene torch valve partially and light the torch.
    Add oxygen to produce a neutral flame…

  2. Turn off acetylene torch valve first to extinguish the flame and
    then turn of the oxygen torch valve.