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The Fear of Technology


Greetings to all, Due to the initial expense of entering the
technological arena of computerized model making, it is indeed
an overwhelming factor as to why many craftsmen and designers shy
away from possibly the greatest tool they will ever invest in.
The whole dilemma of non participation in this technology by
jewelers is a multi part issue. The fact that it has something to
do with a computer and oh my god a machine, is as scary as hell
to many people, however, if you are reading this, then need I
say more on that part. The fact that you are reading this, shows
that we are directly, or indirectly, embracing the next step
whether we relies it or not. The main fear and it is fully
justified, is the learning curve, further complicated by in most
cases, monthly payments that have to be met whilst still being a
novice battling with the technology, and also with the thoughts
of “I need this like a hole in the head.” The psychological
factor of “oh man what if I can’t do this”, is truly a
realistic obstacle for many people to comfortably shell out those
hard earned dollars on a potential dust collector. The real
danger is taking on too much too soon.

Here is what I would recommend:-

  1. For logos, pins, name plates, engraving etc., you really do
    not need anything high end. The key is to enter at a price that
    will give you what you need, and allow you to progress down the
    learning curve at your own pace. The secret is not to try and
    complete 100% of a job in one shot at the beginning using cad
    cam. Instead, look to do as much as you can comfortably and
    finish it off the way you normally would. If at the beginning the
    tool only did 25% of the total job and you were timely and
    profitable then great. As you progress, practice makes perfect,
    therefore the more you use it the quicker you will become and
    the sooner you will be doing more complex pieces. Keep it Simple
    in the beginning. Don’t revolve the machine around your jobs,
    revolve your jobs around the machine. There is a great package
    complete for $2,600 that is ideal for a cost effective
    introduction to cad cam with a lot of power that will not break
    the bank.

  2. This way, although a little different in the approach is
    great too. We offer a software package that will allow an
    individual to design on their computer 3D parasolid models and in
    turn export us the file via E-Mail for machining. This program is
    the ultimate tool and we can prove it. All of the machining will
    be done on our Sanders Machine. (What you Draw is what you get)
    Here is the great part, you can enter this technological arena
    for just the price of the software. This allows you to get up to
    speed in your own time and have access to the necessary hardware
    to machine the pieces. When you are ready for the next step, then
    we can put you into your own Sanders if you wish. If you prefer,
    the same program will produce from the same model, reverse
    cavities for machining metal molds or even direct part machining
    on a cnc mill. In a nutshell, we provide a vehicle for
    individuals to enter this technology in a smart and cost
    effective manner. We would love for you to buy a Sanders or a
    mill from us, but lets do this slowly but surely. Work with the
    software and then buy the appropriate machine for you when you
    are ready and not before. Going this route allows you the power
    without the cost at the beginning.

That’s all Folks…Regards.
Neil George


Thanks Neil, you brought up a topic that I’ve been eager to
explore. Fear of technology prevented me from getting involved
with computers until last year. I found there was much less to
fear than to discover, and I am learning that being an artist
doesn’t just mean working with your hands. I see it as another
level of creative evolution, after all, goldsmiths didn’t have
mechanized tools until relatively recently and I can’t imagine
polishing without an electric motor! I have only a beginners
expertise with the capabilities of computers thus far, but would
like to learn more. What would be the best way to gain an intro
to Jewelry CAD-CAM, that would’nt require a substantial
investment? I just want to get my feet wet, are there any
shareware programs that would be a good starting point to become
familiar with the technology?


Dear Neil - I am interested in hearing/seeing more about the 3D
designing software you discussed on orchid…I am just beginning
to market my jewelry and have much learning to do, so, why not
learn some "tech"niques!? I do wax work/casting and
fabrication. Please let me know name of software, where to
purchase and how to contact people who do Sanders machining when
you have a moment to share. Much thanks, Jennifer Dewey Pereira -
(hot and icky in New Orleans)



My name is Dmitry, I’M from New York (Originally from Russia)

Will be nice to have your phone number, to talk about Software
"Jewel Cad". Easy for me, than write letter.

Use to be bench jeweler and model maker on 47 st. NYC 25 years.
About 4 years ago I start think how to make My job easier.

(To make long story, short) Finally I found people, who introduce
Me to new technology. I was first man in USA, who start learn
how to use New software “Jewel Cad”. (Software was design special
for Model Maker it’s generate special file formats .JCAD, .SLC)
It’s took Me about 6 month to learn, because everything was new
for Me. And i was alone. Today I’M professional in this field and
4 years ahead, nobody knows this program better then Me.

Today I have about 25 students in deferent states USA and world.

Also I learn how to use Model Maker 6-Pro, and I have one. You
can build up to 20 different models (rings, errings, ect…) at
a time. Average time per model 8-10 hr. If you build 10 models at
a time, it’s take about 40 hr. If you divide 40 hr. :10 models =
4 hr per model. More models at a time you build, less time you

“Jewel Cad” very friendly software Now, new release "Jewel Cad"
4.0 has tutorial, library of stone shapes with settings, basic
shanks and many different parts.

Everything you build up, became your library. You have to use
your imagination, like regular model maker (new generation of
Model Makers) New technology, everybody afraid of :-))

Today you can learn this program for maximum 2 month Software was
design for Windows 95 and no problem .

Pentium 233
64 MB. of RAM
4 MB. Video card ( important )
Today this configuration - standard

The software cost US $3995.00, and you can purchase directly from

If you have any questions, call me at (718)457-8408,

or email Me at:

My home page at:
You find there a lot of about "JewelCad"
Visit my gallery



As a matter of fact there is a 30 day free trial available for
anyone that wants one. So we do not clutter the site with
unesecary traffic, kindly E-mail me direct with all of your
details such as address Tel# etc and I will take care of it.

Best regards.
Neil George.


Dear Jennifer, You can find a lot of info at my site, however
there are new items such as hardware and software which are yet
not listed, therefore it is very important to check back
regularly for updates. On the home page you will see 3 rings.

  1. The eternity band was drawn and was ready for machining in
    less than 30 minutes.

  2. The centre ring was one we did for the International Swimming
    Hall of Fame. The whole ring was 90 mins to draw and output for

  3. The Gents ring was 60 Minutes to draw and get ready for

We are a jewelry service bureau, therefore we have The Sanders
to take care of all your needs.

Neil George.