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The Enamelist Society website

The Enamelist Society would like to announce that its domain name
has changed to All other domain names for the
Society are No longer valid. Please access our site at to read our on-line newsletter
containing calls for entries and classified listings. Check out our
Resources section on the site to find local enameling organizations,
suppliers, classes, and more. While you’re at it - why not join and
become a member of the world’s largest enameling organization.

Best regards,
Karen L. Cohen
Enamelist Society Webmaster

I am a goldsmith who started out enameling [in my bedroom] as a
teenager. I took classes at Kent State with Mel Someroski and went
to Penland where I took a class from Jamie Bennett [Penland is my
personal version of Heaven]. I did lots of enameling for many years.
Once I started working for a custom goldsmith shop, I moved away
from enamel. I’ve only done a few cloisonne and plique-a-jour pieces
in the last many years. Orchid is jump- starting my interest again.

I read the updated website address, went to the website. The
conference class with Dave Freda in 2003 looks like it would have
been very informative! I hope Karen or another Enamel Society member
can tell me whether there is going to be a 2004 conference and if
so, where will it be held?

Highland Goldsmith
Mulino, OR

Hi Jennifer There is going to be a conference for the Enamelist
Society in 2005 somewhere in the eastern United States. I don’t
think final negotiations on a site have been completed. I believe
that listings of workshops being taught by members in 2004 was going
to be on the website soon. Keep checking with the website for info
on the conference. Cathy