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The Dragon Project

I made a compilation of posts showing the progress of my latest

Careful though, it is a long one with about 45 pictures that can be
clicked to be enlarged.

This post shows the project at the halfway stage so when I finish
it, I’ll post again.

About end of February next year, I think.

Check out:

Hans, that is just amazing. I love that dragon. What a great
project, and thank you for showing us the steps involved Alma

Hans you got some serious time on your hands. Are you a trust fund
baby? ;-).

ZOMG Hans! This is my favorite of yours! I love all things
dragon-related. El

As always, Hans, pretty impressive work. Would you be willing to
post your concept drawings. all of them?

Linda K-M 

Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! A lot of work and patience, thanks for taking the time to
show the journey!

Just an absolute gorgeous piece of work. It’s so great to “watch the
progress” of a Master at the art.

For myself, reading your posts and viewing the work is equivalent to
showing the moon to a kid who wants to be an astronaut - but also
showing the spaceship, and the path and the problems that can happen.
And that kind of is what helps the kid see their goal can
be accomplished. With the elbow grease and hard work put in, of

So, Hans, thanks for showing me the Moon once again. It’s
inspiration to get perspiring on my own work.


Would you be willing to post your concept drawings. all of them? 

Sorry Linda, I have none.

Other than a few cardboard cutouts, I work in the air.

Case in point, I am working on the front jewellery/plinth/I don’t
know yet thingy.

It’s a natural quartz tip with some pierced out semi-carved brass
baby dragons that need much more work.

I quite like the flat engraved brass it stands on, but I am not sure

The base is purple carving wax that I am subtracting/adding a design
to that will be spin cast into silver.

All of it is still fluid and nothing is final.


Sharing files and pictures with Orchid is easy - Simply attach them
to your Orchid post.



Fantastic work and such detail is amazing. I too love all things

Thanks for posting all the progress pictures.


Oh, Hans!!! Thanks for showing us the steps, and especially your
thoughts during development. She will ultimately guard an amazing
piece of jewelry -can’t wait to see the whole creation! How
fortunate we here on Orchid are to have your input.

Thanks to Hanuman, Ton, and Charles - without whom Orchid wouldn’t

Judy in Kansas, where the rain falling doesn’t keep the squirrels
away. The little stinkers!

That is simply the most beautiful piece… Happy Holidays to all

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.