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The Dom Pedro aquamarine

Good morning all. Here is a treasure for everyone’s eyes. I fully
intend to visit this as soon as the snow melts, and I can visit
family and friends in the DC/Maryland area.

Enjoy this article,

For a few more days, until Thursday, the Smithsonian’s newest
and perhaps most stunning earthly treasure hides behind a thick
metal door, like that of a bank vault, deep in the heart of the
National Museum of Natural History, behind the galleries, beyond
the cabinets stuffed with chunks of minerals, deep inside the
"blue room," whose shelves groan under heavy crystals of a
thousand sparkling hues.

The museum’s longtime curator of gems and minerals, Jeffrey
Post, handles an unmarked white box. It’s the right size and
shape to hold, say, a tall bottle of the world’s finest Scotch.
Post marches the box into the blue room, so called for the thick
carpet, and also the color of the cloth draped across a
chest-high cabinet, upon which he sets the box.

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