The Crucible, San Francisco

I would like to invite you to check out “The Crucible”. It is a
nonprofit industrial arts organization that provides adult and youth
classes for blacksmithing, jewelry, glass work, foundry, neon,
woodworking and many other things. We are still growing with the
help of our members and students.

I started out as a jewelry student, then volunteer and youth program
volunteer, and now I am an intern in the jewelry department. You
might say I believe in this organization and want to help it grow,
hence this email.

Besides checking out our classes, I would like to encourage you to
volunteer or teach in the youth program. With the youth program’s
growth over the last year, they are in need more people to help out
and I need to find a part-time job so I won’t be able to volunteer
as much.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them or steer
you in the right direction.


PS - With a generous donation and the labor from volunteers The
Crucible now has a solar panel grid on their roof that will help
manage their expenses. Plus, since their usage is most during
non-prime time hours, they will be able to sell energy back to PG&E
during the day.

Do what you like…Like what you do!